Jaunty  //  adjective,

"having or expressing a lively, cheerful, and self-confident manner."

Event and Special Day photography is my main focus, my candid approach allows for the atmosphere and spirit to spill into the lens. With a background in street photography I am quick to snap those moments we desire and provide you the experience you wish to capture. 

Why Jaunty?

Maybe you can tell I'm British by the quaint expression of my business, 'Jaunty'. Once I moved to Canada I quickly realized that it wasn't such a common word over this side of the pond, as most of my friends and clients would ask " So, what's Jaunty?". This lead to me add the Oxford Dictionaries explanation to my website. 

We Brits tend to use it to describe the lively experience of an event or an activity, which is exactly why I coupled this term with my passion for people and photography. The experience I have with my clients is cheerful and confident, not because I try hard to make that my brand; but because I enjoy my work and the people I'm surrounded by. I've worked hard to understand human behaviour from an enthusiasts point of view and it's definitely improved my awareness when working with clients on their special days and capturing those candid 'behind the scenes' moments which are so unique. 

I'm learning everyday, just like the rust of us. With eyes wide and lenses wider, I look forward to more adventures with you. 

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